Computer Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science

CMPE: Computer Engineering

  1. CMPE 201 (3) Computing for Science, Engineering, and Technology

    Invention and evolution of computers; impact of computing technology on science and engineering including Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: APSC 176 or a three-credit English course.

  2. CMPE 246 (3) Computer Engineering Design Studio

    Embedded systems programming, App development for Internet of Thing applications, Microprocessor Programming. [3-2-0]

    Prerequisite: All of APSC 177, COSC 111.

  3. CMPE 301 (3) Software System and Design for Engineers

    Software development life cycle, architectural patterns, design patterns and anti-patterns, model-view-controller pattern, object-oriented design principles, design for scalability and performance, design for maintainability and testability, agile development. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: One of APSC 177, COSC 111, COSC 121, COSC 122.

  4. CMPE 401 (3) Deep Learning for Engineers

    Neural networks, computation graph, hyper-parameter tuning, regularization, batch normalization, convolutional neural networks, sequential models, recurrent neural networks, natural language processing, applications of deep learning to electrical, civil, mechanical and manufacturing engineering. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: Fourth-year standing.

  5. CMPE 402 (3) Compiler Engineering

    Lexical analysis and parsing analysis, semantic analysis, understanding variables, functions, global and local variables, type names and class names, stack frames, instruction selection, register allocation, data flow analysis and optimization, control flow analysis, code generation, loop finding, static single assignment and the optimization. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: All of APSC 177, COSC 222, ENGR 359.

  6. CMPE 409 (3) Artifical Intelligence for Robotics

    Sensor fusion, state estimation, localization, control, robot planning, machine learning algorithms, artificial neural network, reinforcement learning. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: All of APSC 179, APSC 258, ENGR 360.

  7. CMPE 410 (3) Network Security and Encryption

    Computer networks, security and privacy, threats and vulnerabilities, intrusion detection, authentication, encryption, and cloud security and Internet of Things security. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: Fourth-year B.A.Sc. or B.Sc. Standing.

  8. CMPE 461 (3) Introduction to Cloud Networking

    Cloud traffic patterns, physical network structure, virtualization techniques, SDN architecture, CDN architecture, inter-data center networking, and application layer techniques. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: Fourth-year B.A.Sc. or B.Sc. Standing.

  9. CMPE 465 (3) Computer Architecture and Organization

    Modern processors, GPUs, quantitative principles and instruction set design; pipelining, superscalar issue, out-of-order execution, branch prediction and speculation; memory hierarchies, caches, virtual addressing, prefetching, coherence, and consistency; computer design trade-offs performance evaluation and benchmarks; multicores, VLIW, on-chip networks, and other advanced architectures. [3-2*-0]

    Prerequisite: All of APSC 262, ENGR 359.

  10. CMPE 485 (3) Introduction to Quantum Computing

    Qubit states, operations and measurements, quantum circuits, basic quantum algorithms, Grover's algorithm, Shor's algorithm, Hamiltonian simulation, quantum programming languages. [3-0-0]

    Prerequisite: All of ENGR 350, ENGR 360.

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